I am Denise Robins from Gone Astray Farm (We all, like sheep, have gone astray...) . We are located on 20 acres between North Branch and Taylors Falls, Minnesota. I have a small flock of Icelandic sheep, usually between 20-30 depending on the time of year. I have had sheep... Read more →

Hi, my name is Stacy Dresow. I am the shepherd at Dresow Family Farm in Lonsdale, MN. I live on the farm with my husband and children. We raise Cormo and CVM/Corriedale and cross bred sheep as well as one sole Shetland wether, Moses. We also have a cutting horse,... Read more →

My new business is named "Fiber Devine". My name is Pam Devine. Catchy right? I've always loved learning new skills to express my creativity and Anoka Fiber Works has been a great support to me as I've delved into fiber. There is always someone there who is willing to help... Read more →

7 Pine’s Rabbitry began about 20 years ago, when I saw my first picture of an English Angora in a book. After that, I was on a hunt for Angoras. We found our first pair of French Angoras at an auction soon after that. They were badly matted, but we... Read more →

The Wooly Witch has a beautiful array of ready to spin blended fibers and hand-made blending boards for you to create your own fiber mixes. Glitz by the ounce for blending and DIY classes are also available. Read more →

Hi, my name is Janelle Peterson and I am The Blind Goat. I have been a vendor with Anoka Fiber Works since 2012. I am inspired by Mother Nature and love working with natural mediums and fibers. I truly believe that the useful and practical things in our lives should... Read more →