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February 2016

The Wooly Witch has a beautiful array of ready to spin blended fibers and hand-made blending boards for you to create your own fiber mixes. Glitz by the ounce for blending and DIY classes are also available. Read more →

The Berryhill Farm is an ever changing hobby farm in Pine Island, MN, just north of Rochester situated in the beautiful rolling hills and farmland so typical of the area. David and Eve Berryhill purchased this 100 year old house and accompanying buildings upon the completion of Eve’s residency at... Read more →

A long time ago, in a land far away, well, not that far away, in fact, on this very farm, a young girl raised a bottle lamb and a goat kid. Toro, Lawn Boy, and the dog, Sammie, were devoted to that young girl. Every morning, the four of them... Read more →

Why weave when I could buy textiles much faster and cheaper? Weaving is fascinating because of the combinations of interwoven colors and textures. Creating cloth from fine threads is satisfying in a way that purchasing commercial textiles could never be. I begin each project with an inspiration, usually from the... Read more →

I am Mary, owner of Spinning Magic, a business at Anoka Fiber Works dedicated to the spinning of fiber into yarn. I find the whole process of taking a fleece from an animal and spinning it into beautiful yarn, magical. I have been a spinner for many years. In 2009,... Read more →