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Skin Salvy



Whether you're looking to smooth your own hands before spinning some silk or looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend while you're at the shop, Skin Salvy has you covered with handmade personal items sold individually or in gift packs.

 My name is Lisa and my husband and I handcraft Skin Salvy (“savvy”) all natural skin and lip care products in Ham Lake. We were introduced to the wonderful world of fiber when Carol, a regular patron at AFW, suggested we check into Yarnover & Shepherds Harvest as vendors.  No oils are used in our products so fiber enthusiasts like how their skin is soothed without feeling greasy. Some of the product testimonials we’ve received include those from a photographer and a husband and wife team who hand paint children’s clothing saying the Emollient for dry cracked skin left no residue on their respective projects. Face & Body Crème can be used on oily or dry skin and can be used under makeup. The lip balms are another customer favorite because it soothes without having to constantly reapply. Our products are concentrated making them cost effective but a tiny bit goes a long way. If it feels greasy, you’ve used too much and for best results, apply immediately after bathing.
Skin Salvy was created out of desperation in 2007. My husband, the creator, was struggling with dry, cracked, painful palms due to dermatitis & the doctor-recommended creams quit working. What makes our products different? We use only 2 simple, effective ingredients: organic jojoba (“ho-ho-ba”) and local beeswax and scented options use pure essential oils. Both ingredients are known to have benefits for the skin and have naturally indefinite shelf lives. This means the products won’t go rancid and no preservatives are required. We hope to meet you at a Saturday Spin-In at AFW or in building D at Shepherd’s Harvest this May! More detailed information about Skin Salvy is available at our website. Thank you!