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Deborah McQueen Coder, Studio & Fiber Arts

Deb C loom
In childhood my artistic roots began. Through college I developed my drawing and painting skills and later, knitting sent me on many paths down the rabbit hole of fiber arts. Experiences through living and studying overseas have enriched my life and my work. Representational subjects vary between landscape, still life, and portraiture. Drawing is the foundation of my artwork enabling me to compose fine detail work with pen and ink on paper or sketching with oil paint and brush on canvas.
Deb Coder painting

I utilize the practical and decorative properties of textiles to make garments and accessories. Plant and animal fibers are tactile, offering a different avenue to explore my love of color and texture when making three-dimensional objects. The rabbit hole has many paths, and the knitting I learned as a child branched to hand spinning, felting and weaving.

For now, I will be teaching knitting technique classes at Anoka Fiber Works and that will evolve into other classes as I spend more creative time at AFW.  I have also taught spinning, wet felting, fulling, and simple rug hooking. 
Deb Coder felting

My floor loom is in a studio spot between Kathryn’s and Mary’s looms at Anoka Fiber Works.  I am excited to have this studio space and I look forward to growing and expanding my skills as an artist!  This is a very new experience for me to have studio space away from home.   

The creative process brings me gratification as much as the satisfaction of completing an item. Learning is an enjoyable process and my skills continue to grow, develop and mature with me.