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Deborah McQueen Coder, Studio & Fiber Arts

Deb C loom
Originally from Ohio, our family transplanted to Minnesota in 1999 via Alabama (twice), Germany (twice), Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas. In each place, whether by choice or by chance, I bloomed where I was planted.

My mother, an artist, nurtured my love of art and craft. As a Girl Scout I learned how to knit, not realizing how important that skill would become many years later. Through college I developed my drawing, painting, and photography skills. By chance, knitting sent me on many paths down the rabbit hole of fiber arts.  
Deb Coder painting
During our second time in Alabama, I finished college, taught private art lessons, and also worked at a cookware shop in the local mall. As fate would have it there was a needle arts shop nearby where I spied a garter stitch sweater in the window and thought, "I can do that", and became an avid knitter. Within a year, my husband and I returned to Germany with the opportunities to travel and the resources to help scratch my creative itch. A friend once told me that one leaves Germany with either a cuckoo clock or a baby. The first time we left with a clock, the second time with a baby. To make a long story shorter, I collected some new skills each place we lived until landing in Minnesota including (but not limited to) basket making in Tennessee, polymer clay in Arizona, and handspinning and editing knitting articles for a magazine in Texas. In 1999, a career change brought our family to Minnesota and it is here that I began teaching knitting after my job with the school district was eliminated. The need for employment with flexible hours and teaching a skill (having a resurgence of popularity) was a perfect fit. Since moving to Minnesota, I have had the good fortune to be published in InKnitters Magazine, Spin-Off Magazine, and 60 Quick Knits From America's Yarn Shops.
Deb Coder felting

When Anoka Fiber Works opened, I found a home with a community of makers. Three years ago my husband bought me a Cricket loom, sending me skipping on another path down the rabbit hole.

I teach technique-based knitting classes and beginning rug hooking as well as plans for new classes. You can find me on Ravelry as momartist.