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My new business is named "Fiber Devine".  My name is Pam Devine. Catchy right? I've always loved learning new skills to express my creativity and Anoka Fiber Works has been a great support to me as I've delved into fiber. There is always someone there who is willing to help show me the way as well as classes to teach new and exciting concepts and skills. So I guess it's just the next step to become part of it with a booth of my own.

    Devine 3


This last year or 2 I've been learning to spin and weave. Both continue to be an adventure. I also bought a big rug weaving loom. It's a old beauty and I'm having great fun weaving rugs. Some of these will be available in my booth for sale.

Devine 2


 I'm also having great fun learning freestyle tapestry weaving. I turn a picture frame into a small tapestry loom and when my piece is done I just hang it on the wall.

Devine 1


Right now I've made a few extra that are for sale in my booth if anyone wants to explore this fun skill with me.  See you soon.

Devine 5