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Wether'sfield Wool Farm

Located 15 miles north of Park Rapids Minnesota, Wether'sfield Wool Farm was established in 2014 by Francis and Julie Zilka. As an avid spinner, knitter, and weaver Julie spent years exploring the various breeds of sheep by purchasing raw fleece and processing it into finished product. Choosing breeds that would provide Julie with the fiber used in her crafts, a spinners flock was created.

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Wether’sfield’s small flock of Finn, Cormo, Gotland, Shetland, and Border Leicester sheep were selected for wool quality, color and texture.

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Raised strictly for fiber, only ewes and wethers are kept at Wether’sfield. Our small size assures the health and well-being of every member of our flock, helps avoid damage to the land, and maintains healthy pastures.

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By limiting the number of sheep, they can stay on pasture from early spring through late fall. In the winter months the sheep are coated and their diet changes to premium hay. The sheep are not grain fed but do receive a small amount of grain as “incentive” when it’s time to check parasite load, trim hooves, and evaluate overall health.

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Our goal is to make the sheep self-sustaining and to that end we sell minimally processed wool fiber and fiber products harvested from our flock. We also offer instruction in wool carding, both hand and drum, wool combing, and drop spindle spinning.

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