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Buscho Farms

My name is Barb Gunzer and I own Buscho Farms in Faribault, MN.  I have always loved animals.  I started off with dairy goats.  I saw a picture of angora goats and was instantly head over heals and was determined to add them to the farm.  As my love for these beautiful and amazing goats grew, so did my herd.  We currently have around 100 colored and white angora goats.  
Buscho 5
I have 2 special animals.  Zippy who is a 3 year old angora goat.  She lives in the house, is house broken and sleeps at the foot of our bed at night.  She is the farm "mascot".  My other special girl is Primrose the sheep.  She was born with dwarfism, some neurological problems and she is blind. 
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I started out only wanting to raise the animals, but now actually do things with the fiber myself.  I recently learned how to dye fiber and I LOVE it!  
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I am excited to be teamed up with my friend Jessica for our booth at Anoka Fiber Works.  Jessica and I met because she inquired about fiber I had for sale and our friendship has grown.  Jessica is supplying the yarns in our booth and I am supplying the locks, dyed items, batts, washed fiber, etc.
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A little about Jessica!

A crafter at heart, I have had many creative hobbies since I was a young child. It wasn't until recently, 2 years ago to be exact, that I began my adventure with fiber arts. My kids were involved in 4-H and wanted to show rabbits. While at the County Fair, I realized there were no Angora rabbits. The seed was planted. Two French Angora does joined our household and I began to collect their fiber. My daughter gifted me a drop spindle for Christmas that year and I was off and running.
Buscho 93

I realized quickly that this was a true passion for me. I also realized that my rabbits could not produce fiber quickly enough to keep up with me. I broadened my fiber experience by acquiring alpaca fleece from Barb Gunzer of Buscho Farms and was introduced to Mohair. The Angora goats stole my heart. I had definitely jumped down the rabbit hole headfirst! I find fiber arts to be extremely relaxing. The satisfaction of watching the fiber transform from animal to yarn is like nothing else! A day just doesn't seem complete when I am unable to fit some fiber-work into it!
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