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Hello from The Wooly Loon! My name is Kim Scanlan and I began my journey with fiber arts many years ago but most recently I have worked with punch needle rug hooking. While many of you may be familiar with traditional rug hooking (where a hook is used to pull wool strips or yarn up through a backing to create loops), punch needle rug hooking is accomplished by pushing the wool strips/yarn down through a rug backing to create loops on the underside of the backing (similar to punch needle embroidery). It is hard to tell the difference between a traditionally hooked rug and a punch needle rug but punch needle rug hooking is much faster.


Wooly loon 6


I learned the craft of punch needle rug hooking from Amy Oxford, owner of the Oxford Rug Hooking School, inventor of the Oxford Punch Needles and author of many books on rug hooking and rug punch. After not finding resources or classes in Minnesota to learn the craft I became acquainted with Amy through an internet search and quickly made my way to Vermont to attend her school! I have been back to the school many times and became a certified Oxford Punch Needle Instructor in 2017. I am currently working with Amy on achieving my Advanced certification.


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Because there are few instructors and/or resources in our area for punch needle rug hooking my goal is to become a resource for this craft in Minnesota and the surrounding area. I heard of Anoka Fiber Works, again, from an internet search and had a lovely discussion with Mary about vending at the store. I will offer all resources for punch needle rug hooking including punch needles, wool yarn (3 ply (rug) and worsted weight), patterns, frames and supplies. I will also be teaching classes at AFW and I hope you will join me!


Wooly loon 5
Wooly loon 5