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Snake River Acres

"Hello from the newest vendors at Anoka Fiber Works! We are the Froehlich family; Jamie, Jean, Jennifer, and Kelly. Our farm, Snake River Acres (formerly EK Sheep), is located on an old dairy farm outside of Grasston, Minnesota. Although we are new to AFW we are not new to sheep and fiber. The beginning of our sheep adventure started in 2007 when Kelly coaxed, bargained, and convinced her parents to purchase just seven ewes as an “FFA project”. It turns out “just,” is a loosely defined term. Somehow seven sheep turned into seventy registered Lincoln Longwool ewes, and has blossomed into a family affair. Our years of raising sheep has been an incredible adventure and ever-changing journey, but the goal has always been the same – to raise happy, healthy sheep while providing customers with high quality, lustrous fleeces. Being a family, we have many different perspectives and skills that allow us to achieve that goal. Jennifer is a University of Minnesota Crookston graduate with a B.S. in Animal Science. She currently manages day to day care for the sheep along with her husband Jamie who can fix, drive or rig pretty much anything to work. Jean provides sounds business advice, and is a superstar at handling the finances and making the numbers work. Kelly, who is currently pursuing a PhD in Animal Science at Lincoln University in New Zealand, offers technical advice. We are excited to offer you beautiful white and natural colored Lincoln fleeces! We have sheep photo greeting cards available in our booth as well. Besides AFW, you can find us on our website, www.snakeriveracres.com, and on Facebook and Instagram."

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