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The LayZee Farmer, LLC

My name is Jennifer.  I am the proprietor of The LayZee Farmer LLC.  I know there is nothing lazy about farming, but before I started raising sheep I would not keep livestock over the winter.  When people asked why, I told them "I'm a lazy farmer."  Hence the name.  

I raise Icelandic Sheep for fiber, meat, and milk.  I sell breeding stock, fiber pets and fiber in various forms.  

I joined Anoka Fiber Works on November 20th of this year.   I currently stock Icelandic yarn, roving, corespun yarn and washed raw fleece.  I also raise a few Shetland and other fine fleeced sheep.  Fleeces available on request.  I'm excited to meet the other vendors and patrons of Anoka Fiber works.

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My e-mail is [email protected]Facebook page The LayZee Farmer LLC, and web page is under construction.