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Alainn Yarns

Hello! I’m Stephanie, creator of Álainn Yarns. Álainn Yarns started out as a simple hobby turned into a business dream, but now it has transformed into a business reality! How did the name come about? Well Álainn is Irish for beautiful and is pronounced as ‘awl in’; it’s also a nod to my heritage and a play on words as I am all in to yarn.

Allain Yarns

A little about Álainn Yarns and how this travel inspired yarn boutique began: I came into the fiber craft a little bit later in life when I found myself in a situation I had never been in: staying at home with very little work for my career in a foreign country. I learned to knit from YouTube videos and one single book; I became hooked! Once my husband and I were back in the States, my massage therapy career took off again but my knitting remained a constant way for me to unwind from the day. My crafting skill increased and has naturally evolved into dyeing my own yarn.

Alainn 3

My photos from my travels have always inspired me to create – to scrapbook, to display them in unique ways (though I must confess I am not a professional photographer). I remember looking at one of my photos and wishing I had a yarn color to match that photo and the emotion I felt when I looked at that photograph (you can have an entire stash and still struggle to find the perfect yarn for a project, right?). So I created that color!

Alainn 1

That’s how Álainn Yarns was born. All of my colorways are based off of my own photographs from my own travels, versus a random photo from the internet.

Alainn 2

I want you to feel inspired when you see my photos and yarns, to fuel that wanderlust within you. Maybe you can’t escape life and travel right now, but maybe my yarns can whisk you away. Creativity is a reflection of the passion within the soul; what will you create today?

Alainn 4