The LayZee Farmer, LLC
Twisted Oak Farm and Woolen Mill

Get Bentz Farm

What is your name (first name is fine), business name and location?
Theresa Bentz, Get Bentz Farm, Northfield MN


What do you offer in your vendor space at Anoka Fiber Works?
Roving, batting, and fleeces for spinners. I own a small mill and focus specifically on roving, batting, and washed fleeces


When did you join the Co-op or become a vendor at AFW?
Just recently, and I am so happy I did!

How did you think of the name of your business?
Our last name is Bentz and we wanted something that was slightly tongue in cheek but also stood out among all the other farm names. We want people to “get” what we are doing.


What is your inspiration for the things you make?
I am a spinner and I absolutely love fiber animals, I want other artists to feel and experience the animal when they work with my roving. I want them to build a connection with the animal and the shepherd through the tactile experience of their art and the fiber.
I am also very passionate about sustainable farming practices, I suint bath my fleeces prior to washing and milling. I feel this adds to the biodiversity of the ecosystem and uses less heat and soap in the final washing. My roving has a small amount of lanolin left in it, which adds to the tactile experience. I also only use natural dyes when dyeing my fleeces, this way I reduce the carbon footprint of the mill and
preserve this age old technique.


How do you work through mental blocks in your creativity?
I hang out with the sheep or go for walks in the woods. Sometimes I just need to sit and spin.

What are your future goals for your business?
I hope to increase my flock size to offer more Icelandic wool, and I hope to continue to build my milling business and expand on the naturally dyed roving selection I am offering currently.