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My name is Jodi and EweHue is the culmination of nearly 50 years of knitting, 30 years of spinning, and a life-long love for eclectic use of color.

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I’m extremely excited to join the Anoka Fiber Works group — such great people with so much knowledge  (have yet to have a question that someone can’t answer!) — where I’m so lucky to have a professional space where I can ramp up slowly as my inventory expands.

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Matchless matches are my thing: previously executed by switching the main color with the contrast color between a pair of socks or mittens and now through small-batch dye lots in colors that are gloriously vibrantly matchless. 

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Currently, EweHue offers dyed yarn from soft natural fiber bases and most have more than a little exotic fiber for next-to-the-skin luxury. Currently, I dye 10 skein lots but can dye larger lots by request.

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I’m also working on developing patterns, kits, and classes.

2 at a time class

Recent health challenges have given me the time to play in a lot of mediums including beading, needle felting, and Circular Sock Machine (CSM) knitting and my hope is to expand my offerings to match. Also in my past life, I was an application developer so am playing with some app ideas designed to make the creative process easier and more fun. 

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I have a small hobby farm about 65 miles North of the Twin Cities where I’ve lived for just over 20 years. For a while I managed a small hand-spinners flock until long commutes made it too difficult to maintain. Now that commuting is a thing of the past, I’m once again ‘collecting’ sheep, so hope to offer dyed fleeces in the future.

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