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Petal & Hank

Hello, fellow fiber enthusiasts! My name is Trinity Muller and I am the owner of Petal & Hank, a small batch, natural dye studio based in Minneapolis. I am excited to share my naturally dyed goods and supplies with you at Anoka Fiber Works.

Petal and Hank 1

I utilize homegrown, locally grown and foraged natural dyes along with responsibly sourced natural dyes from other parts of the world. My dye processes include bundle and steam dyeing, immersion dyeing, indigo vats, and ice dyeing. I enjoy combining dyes and techniques to produce a wide palette of natural colors.

Petal and Hank 2
Petal and Hank 3

My primary products at the shop are hand processed fiber batts, created from US sourced fleeces. Starting with raw fleeces, my batt making process includes skirting, scouring, mordanting, naturally dyeing, washing, picking, blending, and carding. Since I process everything by hand and work in very small batches, you can expect to find a lot of variety on my shelves. From single breeds to crosses, pure to blends, solid colors to gradients, each batt is unique and of limited quantity.  

Petal and Hank 4

Petal and Hank 5

I mill my batts slowly and thoroughly on my triple drum carder, pulling out as much of the undesirable bits as possible. This approach aims to create a batt that is a delight to spin, with remarkable loft and consistent texture. When accounting for all the steps in the process from raw fiber to batt, it takes about 2 hours of hands-on labor to create each 2 oz batt.

Petal and Hank 6

In addition to fiber processing, I also dye gift items and maker supplies like organic cotton bandanas, flour sack towels, silk scarves, yarn, and embroidery thread. You can find my products on my shelves at Anoka Fiber Works, on the Petal & Hank website, and at a few fiber festivals each year.