My name is Jodi and EweHue is the culmination of nearly 50 years of knitting, 30 years of spinning, and a life-long love for eclectic use of color. I’m extremely excited to join the Anoka Fiber Works group — such great people with so much knowledge (have yet to have... Read more →

Hello, fellow fiber enthusiasts! My name is Trinity Muller and I am the owner of Petal & Hank, a small batch, natural dye studio based in Minneapolis. I am excited to share my naturally dyed goods and supplies with you at Anoka Fiber Works. I utilize homegrown, locally grown and... Read more →

What is your name (first name is fine), business name and location? Theresa Bentz, Get Bentz Farm, Northfield MN What do you offer in your vendor space at Anoka Fiber Works? Roving, batting, and fleeces for spinners. I own a small mill and focus specifically on roving, batting, and washed... Read more →

My name is Jennifer. I am the proprietor of The LayZee Farmer LLC. I know there is nothing lazy about farming, but before I started raising sheep I would not keep livestock over the winter. When people asked why, I told them "I'm a lazy farmer." Hence the name. I... Read more →

My name is Barb Gunzer and I own Buscho Farms in Faribault, MN. I have always loved animals. I started off with dairy goats. I saw a picture of angora goats and was instantly head over heals and was determined to add them to the farm. As my love for... Read more →

Located 15 miles north of Park Rapids Minnesota, Wether'sfield Wool Farm was established in 2014 by Francis and Julie Zilka. As an avid spinner, knitter, and weaver Julie spent years exploring the various breeds of sheep by purchasing raw fleece and processing it into finished product. Choosing breeds that would... Read more →

My new business is named "Fiber Devine". My name is Pam Devine. Catchy right? I've always loved learning new skills to express my creativity and Anoka Fiber Works has been a great support to me as I've delved into fiber. There is always someone there who is willing to help... Read more →